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f consumers. K〓ong cheng, sale◆s manager of Ha◆ier in Zibo, ●said, "We designed ◆refrigerator

in the mountain◆s."And it seems man◆y have taken advant◆age of the new ●subsidy scheme.◆ In Shandong Provinc〓e's Zibo city, home〓 appliance sales hav○e jumped drama〓tically, with 6●0 percent of sale●s coming fro

m ●farmers. Wa■ng wei, re●searcher of State Co○uncil Developme〓nt and Research CTR●., said, "Th○e subsidy pol●icy is a very 〓clear signal to ho○me appliance pr○oducers that the gov■ernment needs th■em to tap ◆business from low〓-income regi●ons. On the■ one hand, fa〓

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